Thursday, December 29, 2016

Jesus said...

...and then

Jesus said,

"you will meet rich preachers

on way that leads to me




shoot them dead

if possible

they are creatures with -

a bit of higher self

who lose their worth

while breaking promises

pledged to me..."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Karma bites back…

While growing up we all have heard from our elders, peers, friends, colleagues, neighbors, related, unrelated, etc about bearing fruits resulting from good deeds and exactly the opposite of bad or wrong doings. 

And that is not all; we keep hearing teachings on good and bad karma, if not daily, but once in a while.

Today, I wish to share some of my experiences about Karma biting back. 

I have been working for two decades now. I started way back in 1996 and today, it is exactly 20 years and 6 months to be precise.

I have worked in various fields, right from sales, marketing, banking, insurance, automobiles, and currently growing in digital marketing. Although being a commerce graduate, at every job, I picked-up necessary skills to complete jobs or tasks on hand.

Ah! Do not ask about my performances. They were excellent; if they met the likes of my superiors; else, I would get a good verbal thrashing. But thrashing was very rare; because, I ensured work done is in the best interest of the organization, customers, and myself. 

Coming back to Karmic actions and reactions – I have had a fair chance of realizing my mistakes and bearing the brunt of my actions or behavior toward fellow beings. I did and do suffer for my past deeds. I suffered financially, physically, mentally, and all that things connected to my being.

The good thing is; I have started to realize what wrong I did, and am putting every effort not to repeat them with a bit of success. I have been able to analyze which past act resulted in this/these suffering/s, and in the process, I have learned to pray The Lord to pardon me, and the prayers are showing good results.

Learning lessons from my Guru, I have started to tread on the path which leads me to HIM.

At times I question myself, “Do people connected to me ever realize about their troubles/pains which have resulted from their bad deeds or inappropriate actions/behavior toward me or any other individual?”

Sadly, I do not find any answer to the question, even today.

But, recently I started getting news about people who literally harassed me mentally in the past are reaping bitter fruits of their peculiar mindset of troubling others through poor gimmickry, lopsided decisions, favoritism, boot-licking, and masterminding fall of others.

Don’t be surprised or shocked to read what I got to know about few great human beings I have known and have worked with. So, here it goes…

Vice President of a bugging organization (claims to be number one in India) was caught with a recorded proof and was thrown out of the company for asking sexual favors from a female colleague. This man used to torture indirectly, and he was the one who was partial toward female employees. Sigh! A typical pervert…!

A regional head was caught and shown the gates for manipulating records and organizing a fraud of amounting to millions. 

These were to two great men and one of their associate always ensured I should never grow in any department I work in. They always wanted me to do menial tasks all the while alluring me with promotions and monetary benefits. While the two had their battles to deal with, their pet was subjected to transfers from city to towns every now and then.

Yet another gentleman almost lost his job for supporting fraudsters; however, he was let off just because he had no major role in the fraud.

There are many other men and women I worked with suffered losses – financially, personally, physically, mentally, and or all put together. 

Fortunately, today I am free from people who create mess for their own success; because, I work independently along with a dear friend who respects and understands true value of a friend and a co-worker. 

Apart from professional front, there are people known to me personally – friends and relatives who knowingly or unknowingly behaved to let me suffer mentally or physically, are bearing the brunt of their karma; just like the way I suffered or am suffering for my behavior.   

I am aware all their sufferings may not have resulted from their actions targeted toward me. They might be result of their past deeds which I am not aware of. But, what do all these happenings indicate?

Isn’t it Karma biting back…? OR Is it something else…?

I invite you to enlighten me....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

preterm agony

…nine am
eerie silence
between four dimensional glass walls
bounces back on stone partitions
easily sneaks through gaps of hinged doors
of neonatal ward
where preterm tiny sacks of flesh
breathe paid oxygen…

…five past nine
three generations
all female
walk in
the last one
maturing premature
coo coos
not still
not still
at one and half kilogram…

…seven past nine
another infant gurgles in
dangling on aging man’s left arm
quite soon
hunger tickles his funny bone
and it gurgles louder
a middle aged woman
infants mother
plucks and cuddles him
to her left breast…

…nine past nine
gurgling fastens
as crossed eyes
meddle between hunger and feeder breast…

…ten past nine
“…this is when; my scalpel’s edge shivered whilst dissecting preterm agony…”
recalls maturing baby doctor
peeping through green OT mask
stands still
drops his pet knife
that clinking sound awakens third generation with a cry…

…fifty-nine past nine
lazy hour hand
quickly jumps a minute
to make it exact ten…

Friday, November 7, 2014

Winter's Drill

...just the beginning with duality
harshness far away
soils lose moss
a hollow chaos
of distant smoke
from burning corpse
winter's drilling fog...

Thursday, November 6, 2014


...early morning
open eyes to open skies
shut them dearly
take a deep breath
feel dewy earth
circling inside
listen to the gushing oceans within
leave alone
rusty tides of hatred
to be burned
by fiery
golden rays of rising Sun...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

On Passing Moments....

...visited wall of walls
absorbed colorful colors
splashed by friends and friends of friends
that keep healing me
the glowing bliss on a child's face
from twirls and swirls
off a soon-to-end sparkler
that I saw last night
easily whispered into me merrily
is an ability to pull-out happiness
from every passing moment...